Tuesday 9 June 2015

In Which I Discover A Podcast!

A short and sweet post for anyone who hasn’t already come across the wonderful Simon T at Stuck in a Book and the equally excellent Rachel at Book Snob (though I’m sure most of you have). The pair of them have just come up with a lovely new venture – a podcast! Oldies like me may throw their hands up in horror (I wondered if my technical skills were up to coping with this), but they’ve made it dead simple to play (or operate, or access, or whatever the right word is).

It’s called ‘Tea or Books’, and in each session they will be talking about two book-related topics. The first episode, which you’ll find here, tackles the issue of books in translation versus books written in English but set abroad, and the old argument on who is the better writer - Emily or Charlotte Bronte.

I listened whilst drinking a cup of tea – who says you can’t have tea and books! It was lovely to hear them, and their debate was as interesting and thought provoking as I expected. You can join in the discussion by leaving a comment, just as usual, but sadly my listening skills have dwindled since I finished work, and each time I thought of something I wanted to say Simon and Rachel had moved on to another point and I lost the thread! However, it’s easy to stop the podcast and replay a section, so it’s not really any different to re-reading text, although I need to be a little more organised gathering my thoughts.

Anyway, that’s quite enough of me wittering on – go take a look!

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