Saturday Snapshots

I enjoy exploring, especially in my own local area, and discovering the stories that lie behind buildings and landscapes. Sometimes the facts are well known, but often tales of the past have been forgotten, and I'm constantly surprised when I find out a little more about the hidden histories of places you might pass by without taking too much notice. I love the sense of continuity, and the way places link us to people and events - even a street name can sometimes reveal what happened hundreds of years ago.

Most Saturdays I write about my wanderings and post photos to show where I have been - but just occasionally my Saturday Snapshots are of something completely different, which is why you'll also find the odd knitted Queen and Christmas cross stitch. 
All the posts on the page have appeared on my 'home' blog page (and were all linked to Alyce's blog at where she hosts a regular Saturday Snapshot spot. 

Anyway, I was looking for a way to archive my posts so they could be easily accessed, which is why I've created this page, which is a bit of a Work in Progress, and may be altered - any ideas for improvement will be gratefully received. I've tried to make it simple, so hovering the cursor over the picture will show the post title, and clicking on the picture will take you to the post.


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