Wednesday 9 March 2011

Books, Cathedrals and Tea

TODAY was a day of books, cathedrals, tea and friendship, which means I have written a piece and posted it on my other blog (the one about life, the universe and everything) but, with a few alterations, it could have gone here, because it is partly about books.

Or I could have written something completely different, but it is late, and I am tired, so I am cheating!

Anyway, a friend I spent the day in Birmingham where we wandered around in both branches of Waterstones before visiting both cathedrals - and another bookshop in one of them.

We enjoyed a lunch out, had a good laugh, drank tea, discussed books , poems and buildings, and generally had a wonderful time.

I created a mosaic from some of the pjotographs I took, which I have posted here - but to read about my day out go to

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