Saturday 24 December 2011

Christmas comes to Narnia

It's Christmas Eve, which is why the blog is red, and I'm celebrating with The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, by CS Lewis, in an old Puffin edition with illustrations by Pauline Baynes.

The children hear the sound of tinkling bells...
“It was a sledge, and it was reindeer with bells on their harness. But they were  far bigger than the Witch’s reindeer, and they were not white brown. And on the sledge sat a person whom everyone knew the moment they set eyes on  him. He was a huge man, in a bright red robe (bright as hollyberries) with a hood that had fur inside it and a great white beard that fell like a foaming waterfall over his chest. Everyone knew him because, though you see people of his sot only in Narnia, you see pictures of them and hear them talked about even in our world – the world on this side of the wardrobe door. But you when you really see them in Narnia it is rather different. Some of the pictures of Father Christmas in our world make him look only funy and jolly. But now that the children stood looking at him they didn’t find it quite like that. He was so big, and so real, that thye all became quite still.  They felt very glad, but also solemn.

‘I’ve come at last,’ said he. ‘She has kept me out for a log time, but I have got in at last. Aslan is on the move. The Witch’s magic is weakening.’"

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