Friday 7 September 2012

Computer Update

Yay! I have a laptop that works! Not new, but as good as, hopefully. I went to look at new ones yesterday, spotted one I liked, at a really good price, and asked if it would still be available, at that price, today. Having been assured it would, I went away to investigate my finances (like the Provincial Lady, rather than checking to see how my account stands I have to look at the way it totters). Anyway, I returned to the shop this morning to purchase the desired model, only to discover that overnight the price had risen by 10 per cent!

I was very upset, especially as the service was appalling on both visits. Today we waited and waited and waited to be served. The assistant was very unhelpful and off-hand, and said special offers are changed every Friday, and staff are aware of that. Now 10 per cent may not sound a huge increase, and I have to admit it was still less than the recommended price, but it's money I don't have, and the assistant made me feel as though he thought I was lying (and he kept saying 'should of' when he meant 'should have', which further enraged me). So I walked out without buying anything.

Then The Man Of The House came up trumps, and dug out Elder Daughter's old laptop, which is still fully operational. He spent the whole afternoon working on it, installed updates, made it go faster,cleaned it up, and transferred documents and photographs from the hard drive on my old, defunct laptop, and the hard drive on Younger Daughter's old, defunct laptop (which I've been using since mine died).

I still need to check my files and pictures, weed out anything I don't want, and make sure there are no duplicates - a spot of electronic housekeeping is definitely in order. But, fingers crossed, I can reconnect myself with the wonderful world of technology, and proper blog posts will follow in due course.


  1. Glad you now have a working computer, but come on, name and shame. Curry's? PC World?

  2. Great that you now have a working computer without spending money in a place with such shoddy service!! The grammar itself would have driven me away LOL!!